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Skin and Scales

Art in the Lab is delighted to collaborate with the Morbid Anatomy Museum on a three-event series celebrating the historical context of science aesthetics.

Its winter and we are layering up to stay warm - but what about the outer coverings of our fellow birds and beasts who use feathers, fur or scales? In this fun, low key drawing session, participants will have access to microscope slides of many of creature-coverings, including human skin, snake skin, fish scales and butterfly wings. In addition to a short talk on how we think and have thought about "cutaneous appendages" (the sciency way of saying - hairs, scales, or feathers), we’ll provide some short suggested readings to power conversation after the event. Registration is capped so each participant can have unlimited time at their own microscope. Basic art supplies are provided, but feel free to bring your own. The butterfly wings suggest this might be a good one for painters to bring their favorite brushes (see image below).

Wednesday, December 14 6-9pm, Anatomy labs at St. Francis College. As always, the event is free but you MUST RSVP to save your space at the microscope.